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“Disease, Distress and Disaster” Workshop in Toronto

The following is posted for Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society


“Disease, Distress and Disaster” Workshop

28 November 2009

North York Central Library Auditorium

5120 Yonge Street, Toronto

The Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto Branch and the Canadiana Department of the North York Central Library will be co-hosting a one-day workshop on the adversity that shaped our ancestors’ lives. We are looking for speakers who would like to be part of the workshop.

You are invited to submit proposals for lectures on any aspect of adversity in our ancestors' lives and how the individual or the community coped with it--or did not. Adversity could include accidents, disease, war or other conflict, environmental degradation, persecution, etc.

Workshop attendees will be most interested in lectures emphasizing sources and research techniques that might be useful in their own research. We are looking for both very focused, and more general presentations, at various skill levels.

Topics of greatest interest will deal with the Victorian age through the first three decades of the 20th Century, with an emphasis on Canada, Ireland or Great Britain.

Each session will be one hour long, including five or ten minutes for questions.

Presentations should be illustrated—we can make available a computer projector or an overhead projector. Speakers will also be expected to provide a handout of supporting material (up to four pages), which we will photocopy for all registrants.

Speakers will be paid an honorarium of $100 per lecture, plus modest expenses for travel and accommodation.

Please submit your lecture proposals by e-mail. Please keep them brief and informal, at this point. (We may ask for more details later.) Be sure to include your mailing address, phone number, and a brief bio.


For more information about the Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto Branch, please see:

To submit proposals or ask a question about the event, please contact Paul Jones at pastchair (at)

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