Friday, 31 July 2009

Is LAC delivering?

It's been a frustrating week trying to use the newspaper collection at LAC. Microfilms I wanted were either out on interlibrary loan, not delivered as requested, or not found in the collection despite being listed in the catalogue.

Being the end of the month I was interested to see if LAC is delivering on service improvement commitments, as listed in a document prepared for the LAC Services Advisory Board June 19, 2009 meeting.

Free of charge downloading from microform scanners to client-supplied USB or CD is working well. The people staffing the desk in the microfilm room are being cool, not acting like they were guarding the crown jewels.

My impression is that the microform equipment seems to show fewer black streaks on the image, reflecting better maintenance.

I have received an "Acknowledgement of receipt" for remote orders. However, there was no notification back when items could not be found, which meant one fruitless visit for me this week.

The updated Canadian Naturalization database with nominal indexes was placed online.

There has been no announcement, and I haven't noticed, that self-registration onsite has been implemented in July.

Front line service staff are not yet wearing name tags.

There has been no announcement that a new user agreement has been implemented in July.

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