09 August 2009

ALERT: Save on BIFHSGO Conference

Beat the 15 August early registration deadline for the BIFHSGO conference. Why pay more than you have to to learn from the knowledgeable presenters at the conference?

The 15th is coming next Saturday. If you're mailing in your registration, with a cheque, it needs to be postmarked by the 15th. You can save the bother of printing out or finding the form, filling it out, finding an envelope, addressing it, finding a stamp, sticking the stamp on, and mailing it by simply registering online. Online registration also saves the cost of the stamp.

Individual BIFHSGO member registration is $65 if you register on or before the 15th. You save $10. Rates for nonmembers and families are on the website.

Also on the website is information on a couple of pre-conference events and an option to order lunches.

Out-of-town speakers this year include:

Colleen Fitzpatrick PhD, the author of Forensic Genealogy, widely recognized for its innovative forensic science approach to genealogical research.

Nora Hague, Senior Cataloguer and Photographic Archivist at the Montreal McCord Museum of Canadian History, an expert in historical photographic processes.

Duncan Macniven, Registrar General for Scotland, responsible for demographic matters providing information for family history, population statistics and census-taking.

Heather McNabb, the principal researcher for the McCord Museum's 2003-04 exhibition The Scots: Dyed-in-the-Wool Montrealers, co-edited A Kingdom of the Mind: How the Scots Helped Make Canada.

The Don Whiteside Memorial Lecturer this year is Charlotte Gray, recognized for her achievements in popularizing Canadian history, one of Canada's best-known and highly respected non-fiction writers.

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