01 August 2009

Federal funding for newspaper digitization

The federal government has announced support for Athabasca University's "Connecting Canadians: Canada's Multicultural Newspapers" project.

From the announcement "This project will digitize and deploy to the Web up to 20 multicultural newspapers on an open-access basis. In addition to making multicultural newspapers freely available to anyone on the Internet, it will include audio and video streaming of selected articles and teaching and learning activities that will be of interest to students, teachers, and researchers. A key driver of this project is the use of technology to facilitate access to the content, which will be PDA- or mobile-friendly."

Does this signal that the feds are ready to fund additional newspaper digitization?

Read the full press release here.

1 comment:

M. Diane Rogers said...

Well, this project could be useful - although there is only one mention of 'historical' and I don't see any details.
But, there already is a project, MultiCultural Canada, that has non-English language historical Canadian newspapers on-line free - an initiative led by Simon Fraser University, supported by several organizations, including Library & Archives Canada: MultiCultural Canada
I long to see some Ukrainian Canadian and Scandinavian Canadian newspapers on-line free, but I am concerned about on-going support for already established projects particularly those like MultiCultural Canada (which offer a wide range of document collections.