24 August 2009

Ancestry adds British Army WW2 Roll of Honour and POW databases

Two databases from WW2, previously published on CD from Naval & Military Press, are newly available to Ancestry World Deluxe and ancestry.co.uk subscribers.

1) War Office: Roll of Honour, Second World War comprises data for the British Army from The National Archives records series WO 304.

Information includes: Name of soldier; Initials, titles, and decorations; Birthplace; Residence; Enlisted rank; Rank at time of death; Enlisted Regiment; Regiment at time of death; Theater of War or country where wounded or died; Death date.

2) The UK, British Army Prisoners of War, 1939-1945 database includes: Name; Rank; Army number; Regiment; POW number; Camp type; Camp number; Camp location; Record office; Record Office number; Notes.

The source of the information must surely be German or Red Cross records, but is not specified in the description.

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