18 August 2012

No Family Tree Maker 2013

Looks like Ancestry has run out of ideas enough to warrant publishing a 2013 version of FTM.

"We’re doing things a little different this year. Instead of creating a new version of the software, the team has been putting all of its resources into improving Family Tree Maker 2012 so you get new bonus features throughout the year."




Susan said...

Note to Mac FTM Users:
This is just as well, as they are best to concentrate on writing patches for the existing software. I was extremely avoid and unsatisfied to learn the that feature PRIVITIZED did not work on my FTM Mac version. Their only solution was that I purchase the next release Mac 2. (. 1/2 price).
I stated that I expected the first version to work in it's entirety!
I then made the comment on all the Mac laptops and IPads being used in WDYTYA with Ancestry being the principle advertising.
I am willing to pay the price for a product, however I expect to get what they claim I'm paying for.

Susan said...

Note to FTM Mac users: this is just as well, They should concemtrate on writing patches for the existing software. I was avoid and unsatisfied to learn that in the 1st version for Mac,the PRIVITIZED feature doesn't work. (very important in my opinion). The only solution was that I purchase Mac 2 (1/2 price). I have no problem paying the price for something that I want, however expect to get the full product!
In conversation, I also made the comment on how the Apple products are being shown on WDYTYA, and Ancestry being the main sponsor.

Terry Mulcahy said...

I resent having to pay for a new version every year. I'm quite happy with my old Version 16, it does everything that I want. I don't need all the new bells and whistles to do my genealogy.

Aylarja said...

It wasn't clear to me if the updates to Family Tree Maker 2012 will consist primarily of new features, or instead patches and refinements to existing features. We'll have to wait and see.

This is certainly a break with precedent for Ancestry, which has released a new version of Family Tree Maker each year since it acquired the software back in 2007 or so; and annual version-increases have been a near-constant for the roughly 25-year history of the program, according to details on Wikipedia. In my opinion, Ancestry typically cobbles on a few modest additions to the program with each release, stretching credulity a bit by bumping up the version number each time. However, they also typically provide at least one significant update to each existing version as a service release, and these often include a few new features as well as bug fixes. I would be interested to know why Ancestry chose to forego releasing a 2013 version, but imagine no one from within the company will ever say.