06 August 2012

Survivors' Tales of Famous Crimes

Eyes are aching through watching too much Olympic coverage, or too many Olympic commercials?
If so consider listening to Survivors' Tales of Famous Crimes an anthology, published in London in 1916, of some of the most sensational crimes and scandals of late 19th and early 20th century Britain. The editor Walter Wood interviews those who were touched by the crimes recounted.
I came across Librivox recordings of the chapters in this book as one relates to my home town. Another had as a victim a baby with one of the less common surnames I research.
The complete list of chapters is: The Moat Farm Murder; Henry Wainrights Crime; The Sham Baronet; The Penge Mystery; Kate Webster's Revenge; The Master Criminal; The Brighton Railway Murder; Palmer's Poisonings; The Southend Murder; The Reading Baby-Farmer; The Mystery of Yarmouth Beach; The Ardlamont Riddle; The Newcastle Train Murder; The Lamson Case; Crippens Callous Crime; Seddon's Greed of Gold; The Hooded Man; The Vauxhall Train Tragedy; The Tottenham Outrage.

Find them on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/survivors-tales-famous-crimes/id417819484

Librivox has a huge catalogue to its recording of books in the public domain.
I found one with a particular connection to Ottawa Popular History of Ireland by Thomas D’Arcy McGee. http://librivox.org/popular-history-of-ireland-book-01-by-thomas-darcy-mcgee/

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