27 August 2012

TNA podcast: The War of 1812: from the British side

Audrey Collins, one of my favourite British family history speakers, looks at the records for the War of 1812 in this podcast of the presentation given at The (UK) National Archives on 9 August 2012.

The orientation is to the US listener. Audrey mentions the British burning Washington, but not the Americans burning York (Toronto), nor does she give  recognition to the participation of the Canadian militia.

This talk looks at some of the men who took part in the conflict, including many prisoners on both sides, and a wealth of background material. As is often the case with Andrey's talks, she whets your appetite for resources of relevance for other time periods too.

One of the treasures mentioned of which I was unaware being online at TNA is the TNA collection of digitized printed annual Army Lists for 1754-1879.

As usual with TNA podcasts the visuals used in the presentation are not available, but Audrey has a good post with some of them on her blog at http://thefamilyrecorder.blogspot.ca/2012/08/the-war-of-1812-from-british-side.html

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