Sunday, 16 March 2014

BIFHSGO in St Patrick's Day Parade

BIFHSGO members in full regalia prepare to participate in the parade. The dog is an honourary member for the occasion.

Was their offer to lead the parade declined? BIFHSGO Board members march the wrong way to join their colleagues.

Sons of Scotland, Ottawa, smartly turned out.

Underway near the start of the parade route.

The parade stalled frequently, here with a view up to the parliament buildings. Notice the patch of green pavement, not specially installed for the day, part of the cycle route along Laurier Street.

Nearly half-way through the route, on Bank Street with a few flakes of snow falling.


Susan Gingras Calcagni said...

Kudos to all the BIFHSGO members who participated in the parade. Nice photos of BIFHSGO pride!

M. Diane Rogers said...

Nice photos! By an (odd) co-incidence, our BC Genealogical Society's group in Vancouver's St. Patrick's Parade included a dog, a Husky. She carried her own Genealogy! sign. I will have to post some of our photographs too. (Looks as if your weather was a bit better than ours, but could have been worse.)