Saturday, 29 March 2014

MAPCO is back!

At the beginning of February I reported that the Australian site MAPCO which "aims to provide genealogists, students and historians with free access to high quality scans of rare and beautiful antique maps and views" was out of service.
Good news. On March 7 the site returned with all the previous content, much of it of London and vicinity, and news that:
"Access to the MAPCO website has been sporadic during January and February 2014, due to bandwidth issues resulting from the increased visitor traffic load over the past year. MAPCO has essentially become a victim of its own success.
This problem has recently been resolved, and it is not anticipated that there will be further access problems for the site.
MAPCO wishes to thank all visitors and supporters for your continuing interest in the site. It is greatly appreciated! Thank you."
Although MAPCO is not in a position at present to recommence scanning they do plan on adding items from a large backlog of scanned items that have never made it to the top of the list for display.


Susan Gail Roger said...

Alleluia and Whew! What a relief to have this invaluable source back! I'm off to "like" Mapco on Facebook this minute!

Rebel Hand said...

Thanks, John, this is great news!