Saturday, 8 March 2014

Halvor Moorshead, R.I.P.

Halvor Moorshead is reported to have passed away, according to Dick Eastman.
"The many friends and acquaintances of Halvor Moorshead will be saddened to learn that he passed away suddenly yesterday at the age of 71. He was well-known in the genealogy community as the founder of Family Chronicle magazine in 1997, followed by other publications including Internet Genealogy, Discovering Family History, and the companion title, History Magazine.
Halvor was also a genuine nice guy. I had the good fortune to know Halvor for the past 17 years or so and often wrote about him and his genealogy products. (See I also wrote about his retirement in 2008 at He obviously loved people and loved his work.
Since his retirement, Halvor returned to an earlier love, that of radio. He was the chair of WhiStle Radio in Stouffville, Ontario.
Halvor leaves behind his beloved wife Marian, along with Victoria, Alexandra, Timothy, and Christina, along with two grandsons, Trevor and David Moorshead, and his younger brother, Robin, in England and family members around the world whom he discovered and brought together through his love of family history.
We will miss you, Halvor.

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