Saturday, 4 October 2014

Archiving and Using Canadian Web Content

Ian Milligan, assistant professor of Canadian and digital history at the University of Waterloo, discusses online availability of historical web data with host of CBC Radio's The Current Anna Maria Tremonti.

Milligan laments the deliberate destruction of web content by online businesses, pointing to Yahoo as a particularly egregious example. If he were more aware of genetic genealogy he might equally have mentioned Ancestry's recent destruction of DNA data.

He believes LAC should play a bigger role in web archiving.

 "In my dream we would move towards what France and Britain have done which is the legal deposit of websites"
He also sees a need for historians (and genealogists) to become more comfortable with using computer techniques, to stop being afraid of math and science.

The whole interview, with introductory material, runs just under 10 minutes. Recommended.

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