Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Post-War Edinburgh and London Maps from NLS

The National Library of Scotland now has detailed online maps covering post-War Edinburgh and London (1940s-1960s).

"We have recently made freely available our earliest editions of Ordnance Survey National Grid maps at 1:1,250 scale covering Edinburgh and London. As these maps are the earliest Ordnance Survey maps to show house numbers comprehensively, they are particularly useful for genealogical research.
These were Ordnance Survey’s most detailed maps in the 20th century, and they show nearly all permanent features of over 1 square metre in size. They show excellent detail of commercial and residential buildings, railway stations, docks, factories and parks, as well as house names and numbers.
The maps can be viewed as a georeferenced overlay and as a dual-map / side-by-side viewer, allowing direct comparison with modern Google or Bing maps.
This mapping layer will expand geographically over the next year as we continue to scan more OS National Grid post-War mapping."

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