Monday, 20 October 2014

Suggestions for Speakers at a Canadian National Genealogy Conference

As mentioned a few days ago a National Genealogy Conference is proposed to take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 17-19 of 2015.
I had a phone conversation with Heidi Wilker, one of the organizers. While there are no commitments at present she mentioned Dave Obee, Terry Punch, and Garry Shutlak as possible speakers.
Who else? The speakers should be Canadians, come from across Canada and be able to give informative presentations that hold the audience's attention.
Your suggestions either as a comment or directly to me at johndreid at gmail (delete this) dot com would be appreciated.


GW said...

Good idea to be "national" in scope -- my suggestions would include Gary Schroder (for non-Quebecois research in Quebec), Sylvie Tremblay from LAC for French Quebec, Jane McNamara or Janice Nickerson (Ontario resources), Ken McKinlay (from Ottawa) and Sherry Irvine (on education). I think the LDS should be represented as well.

Jane E MacNamara said...

Karolyn Smardtz Frost, winner of the GG for "I've got a home in Gloryland" would be a great choice. She's a wonderful, passionate speaker on African Canadian/American research (and now lives in Nova Scotia.)

Anonymous said...

Pat Ryan from Regina would be an excellent choice. Pat has taught at seminars for 16 years from Whitehorse to Scotland. She has offered online courses and plans on doing so again in 2015. She also will be offering courses again through the Arcola East Community Ass. in Regina. I have taken several of her online classes as well as attending several of her seminars. I gained a vast amount of information from both. She is an excellent speaker and keeps everyone's attention with her research knowledge presented with animation and humour! said...

Pat Ryan from Indian Head, Saskatchewan. I took a class from her and I can't say enough good things about her. Very knowledgeable and willing to share. She has such a passion that shows in her upbeat classes.