17 April 2017

FreeBMD April Update

The FreeBMD Database was updated on Sunday| 16 April 2017 to contain 260,984,786 distinct records (260,466,571 at the previous update).

Years with major updates (more than 5,000 entries) are for births: 1963-64, 1976-79; for marriages: 1966, 1977,1979-81; for deaths 1976-80.

Here are the marriage statistics. 1837 has only a half year of data. The FreeBMD dataset is reasonably complete except for 1964-66, 1969 and 1977 and later

The record for marriages was 1941 with 966,941 followed by 1973 and 1948. The years 1916 and 1920 showed an especially large number of marriages.

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Anonymous said...

The spikes in marriages in 1941 and in 1919-20 are not a big surprise. Many young couples probably decided to put the horrors of WWI behind them by tying the knot and surrounding themselves as quickly as possible with the pleasures of peaceful living, including a home full of children. In 1941 many probably wanted not only to have one last fling with their beloved before heading of to WWII, but also to insure that if they didn't make it back home again, the person they loved would be protected financially.