28 April 2017

Prepare for OGS Conference add-ons

It surprised me, but probably shouldn't have, that several people I spoke to at the Alberta Genealogical Society conference last weekend were planning to attend the Ontario Genealogical Society conference in Ottawa in June. Many people in Alberta have ancestors who came from Ontario, or stayed there a while before heading west.
If you're coming from away don't stop with the conference.

Important for any Canadian researcher, genealogical or historical, is Library and Archives Canada.
A flood of researchers is expected at LAC. If you plan on being part of it preparation is essential.

Some hints.

1. You will need a reader card which can be ordered using an online form, see the procedure at http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/services-public/Pages/Registration-Intro.aspx/.

2. Get advice before your trip from an LAC expert. see http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/services-public/ask-question/Pages/ways-ask-question.aspx/.

3. Material not available on open shelves needs to be brought to the building from another location. That can take a day or even a week so ordering in advance is essential.

4. Public transit is a good option for getting to and from the LAC building at 395 Wellington Street which is at the north end of Bay Street from the Algonquin College conference site. Take advantage of the travel planner at http://www.octranspo.com/travelplanner/travelplanner or on Google maps.

5. There is no restaurant or cafe in the LAC building. On the ground floor there are food and drink vending machines near the lockers and a few places to sit.

6. Check out the amazing collection of city directories on open shelves on the 2nd floor, through the doors to the left as you exit the elevators. Also on the 2nd floor is the reader registration area and consultation for non-genealogical queries..

7. On the 3rd floor, to the right off the elevators, is the genealogy consultation area; to the left is the document consultation area.

Finally, don't overlook Using Ancestry Day being held at the Algonquin College site on the Monday after the conference with well known Ancestry expert speaker Crista Cowan and Ancestry’s DNA product manager Anna Swayne.

BTW. If you've not made plans yet, and don't have family or a friend to stay with, I'm told accommodation is still available at the residence at the Algonquin College conference site.

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Patti M said...

GREAT advice, John. Even though the Conference's LAC Tour is sold out, anyone researching Canadian ancestors should plan a visit to our nation's archives and library, and your suggestions not only help people get there but learn what to expect when they do.