16 April 2017

Mostly at Sea: Captain Harry Grattidge and his landlocked ancestors

BIFHSGO members who enjoyed Gail Roger's presentation at the last monthly meeting, 8 April 2017, Mostly at Sea: Captain Harry Grattidge and his landlocked ancestors and would like to hear it again can now access a video in the Members Only section of the society website. Of course members who missed the meeting can also access it there. Highly recommended.

Gail has made available the text and images from that presentation at http://notquiteborninbritain.blogspot.ca. Although the talk was not about the Titanic the word is found 35 times in Gail's text! That's according to Voyant Tools.
At the same site find Gail's previous presentation A Scandal in Battersea, and some other interesting older items


Gail Roger said...

Golly! Thanks, John! I wondered why my hits suddenly went up!

My favourite tool for creating word pictures is Wordle, to which my daughter introduced me seven years ago. Wordle lets you fiddle with the font, layout, and colour scheme. I tried it this morning and was pleased to see that "Lancastria" is bigger than "Carpathia". Wordle also included "Churchill" --- but not "Franconia"!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know about Gail's blogpost. I absolutely loved it. When she mentioned that Henry was. "head over heels" over the Queen Mary, I just had to laugh. My mother accompanied her nearly 80 year old auntie on a trip to Europe in 1953. They went over on the Queen Mary and were due to come back on the Queen Elizabeth, but something happened and they wound up coming home on the Queen Mary as well. That suited my mother just fine, for like Henry, she was "head over heels" over that ship. As far as she was concerned, the Normandie was "stuffy," the S.S. United States was "cold," the France was "too big," the Queen Elizabeth was "just not up to snuff," and not one of them could compare with the Queen Mary.