21 September 2019

Scotland and Ireland to the fore

Checking out the additions to the British Newspaper Archives in the past week they are:

Northern Daily Times
108 new pages

Aberdeen Evening Express
20346 new pages

East of Fife Record
13910 new pages

North British Daily Mail
16402 new pages

Aberdeen Press and Journal
9748 new pages

Notice any trend?

Aside from the 108 pages from the Northern Daily Times, which was published in Liverpool, all the other 55 thousand plus pages are from Scottish papers.

It's not as if Scotland had catching-up to do. Scottish papers account for 13% of BNA content for 8% of the UK population. Ireland is similarly over-represented while England, with 79% of the UK population, has 68% of the newspaper coverage on the BNA.

Regionally the best represented on a population-weighted basis is Tayside, followed by Northern Ireland and Lothian. The most under-represented is East England.

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