22 September 2019

Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

CWGC: Eyes On, Hands On
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is launching a new volunteer scheme in the UK - NOT (YET?) IN CANADA.
 'Eyes On Hands On' will harness the existing appetite to engage with our work and create a national network of volunteers to act as CWGC’s eyes and ears on the ground.

Starting in the South-West and East Anglia teams of volunteers will be trained to give UK staff regular updates on the condition of CWGC headstones in churchyards and burial grounds in their local area.

Theatres of Revolution: The Stuart Kings and the Architecture of Disruption
Gresham College lectures are back after the summer break. The first talk online, first of a series by Simon Thurley, is about James the First's forgotten country houses, the man and the dawn of the Stuart age.

Population projections: Canada, provinces and territories, 2018 to 2068
Statistics Canada projects Ontario and Alberta would make up more than half of Canada's projected population growth between 2018 and 2068.

Population Immiseration in America
See also Popular Posts and Series from Peter Turchin.

Is that site even up?
These online resources help you find out if a site you are trying to browse is down.

Winter Watch
Today is the last day of the year when temperature above 30C has ever been recorded in Ottawa, in 1941

Five climate change science misconceptions – debunked

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