21 August 2020

Historic Montreal Cultural Treasures at Risk

An article in Le Devoir reports that "Archivists, curators, technicians, persons in charge of the maintenance of real estate: what remained of the specialized personnel to ensure the conservation of the rich archives and the patrimonial assets of the priests of Saint-Sulpice, the former all-powerful lords of the island of Montreal, were dismissed en bloc. The Sulpicians, these former lords of the island of Montreal, have accumulated cultural treasures since 1657, but have just dismissed all the professionals supposed to watch over their rich collections which touch on the origins of Quebec and Canada."

The paper was unable to find out the reason.

Read the article (in French).


Anonymous said...

This is awful. What the heck is going on? Cheers anyway, BT

K said...

It is a wonder that the paper found out about this in the first place, seeing that they have not been able to find out why it was happening. I shall keep my eyes open for more info on this topic.