17 August 2020

Two items on Ontario Newspapers

You learn so much when you listen. This past week I learned about a couple of Ontario newspaper resources.

On Tuesday afternoon during the OGS Ottawa Branch Virtual Genealogy Drop-In Chuck Buckley mentioned a thesis by John Michael Bolton from Wilfrid Laurier University Scholar's CommonsSpread and Growth of Newspapers in Ontario, 1781-1977. Use it as a source to find what newspapers were available at the time and in the area where an ancestor lived. I was surprised it's NOT AVAILABLE through Library and Archives Canada's Theses Canada.

On Saturday, Glenn Wright mentioned the digitized newspapers available as part of an ongoing long-term project undertaken by the Huron County Library and Huron County Museum. More than a century of historic news is on-line — more than 350,000 newspaper pages from 1848 to 2016:

Bayfield Breeze 2009-2018; The Bayfield Bulletin, 1964-1968; The Bayfield Post, 1981-1982; The Blyth Standard, 1893-1982; The Brussels Post, 1885-1929; The Citizen (Blyth/Brussels) 2016-2018; The Citizen, 2015-2018; The Clinton New Era, 1874-1921; Clinton News Record, 1912-1945; Dungannon News, 1915; East Huron Gazette (Gorrie), 1892-1893; The Exeter Advocate, 1888-1924; The Exeter Times, 1873-1924; The Exeter Times Advocate, 1924-1926; 2002-2008; The Fordwich Record, 1901, 1935; The Gazette (Mildmay), 1894; The Goderich Illustrated Signal-Star, 1889; The Goderich Star, 1868-1933; Goderich Reporter, 1880, Greater Goderich, 1918; The Huron Expositor (Seaforth), 11869-1980; 2013-2016; The Huron Loyalist, 1850, 1853; Huron Gazette (Goderich), 1848-1849; The Huron Record, 1881; The Huron News-Record, 1888-1897; Huron Signal (Goderich),1848-1936; The Lucknow Sentinel, 1875-1940; 2013-2016; The Seaforth News, 1917-1962; The Seaforth Sun, 1901; Wingham Times, 1882, 1885-1916; The Wingham Advance, 1889, 1893, 1902-1921; Wingham Advance-Times, 1922-1935; The Wroxeter Planet, 1909; The Wroxeter Star, 1900; 1902-1904; Zurich Herald, 1900-1957;  Zurich Citizen’s News, 1958-1978.

More are being added.

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Donna Jones said...

John, thank you for posting this very helpful information. I appreciate it.

Rick Roberts, GlobalGenealogy.com said...

The Bolton thesis is a very useful resource that I wasn't aware of... thank you for sharing.

Gail B said...

Thank so much for the Bolton thesis. While I am not surprised that LAC doesn't have it, I downloaded the whole thing and sent to many people by BCC, because in Niagara there are various journalists rather at odds with each other. Good for demographers too. Really important information for historians.

thanks again, Gail B

Unknown said...

very helpful - thanks! I had a library patron asking about digitized newspapers from Ontario and was able to add your blog post to my list of resources :)