24 August 2020

The Future of DNA Testing: A Genealogy of Everyone

In an article for Your Genealogy Guide earlier this month Jayne Elkins, a genetic genealogy veteran predicts that:

clients can expect to see products that link them to relations near and far in the form of trees based on the inheritance of segments of autosomal DNA throughout human history. 
Some of this genetic tree information may complement traditional written genealogical sources, while some researchers may find the two at odds in places. 

This is based on articles published last year in Nature by two groups at Oxford University 

Inferring whole-genome histories in large population datasets by Kelleher et al

A method for genome-wide genealogy estimation for thousands of samples, by Speidel et al.

I struggle to understand much of the original articles so could be completely off base, but it appears the techniques will be mainly useful for investigating deep ancestry rather than relationships within the genealogical timeframe.

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