Saturday, 4 December 2010

Anglo-Celtic Connections is a magnet. Every day I have to deal with a certain amount of spam, despite the efficient filtering from Google. The compensation is the happy serendipity, an e-mail that draws my attention to a family history resource of which I was unaware.

Recently I received one such from Australian Ian Kath who, amongst other things, runs a website at

It shows people how to record, edit and publish a Life Story of either themselves or someone they know before it's too late. He offers a 26 episode (so far) podcast series and free 26 page e-Book, all full of good advice and motivation to get you going.

He mentions that he came to this project via his experience with a podcast, Your Story started in 2007 to "capture and share the lives of some of the wonderful people that I meet."

Ian has a real talent in drawing out people's stories and personality through conversation. The latest podcast in that series is with Australian author John Birmingham, and I have to say it, despite distracting whistled sibilants.

If can teach and motivate us to be half as good as Ian in bringing personal and family stories to life, half because we don't all have his chatty (his word) personality, we'll be leaving an amazing audio legacy.

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Ian Kath said...

Hi John

Thanks John for the post. I appreciate having the chance to show your readers what I'm doing and in some small way I may be able to help them.

I particularly appreciate your kind words about the shows.

If I can help your readers or yourself in some way please feel free to contact me.