Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ontario baby names

You may have seen a newspaper item in the Ottawa Citizen or London Free Press based on an Ontario government press release mentioning that "Ethan has been the most popular name for baby boys for the third year in a row, while Olivia overtook Emma in the top spot for girls' names. The top ten names also include: Jacob, Matthew, Nathan and Joshua for boys and Emma, Ava, Emily and Isabella for girls."

What it doesn't mention is that the baby name statistics are from 2008. It was explained to me that parents have a year to register a birth in Ontario so there is inevitable delay. With online registration a preliminary list could surely be compiled much more quickly, as is done in Scotland. 

The tops boys names in Ontario for 2008 were Ethan (1001), Jacob (872), Matthew(840), Nathan (821), Joshua (724), Alexander (722), Lucas(719), Liam (675), Daniel (674), Logan (659).

For girls the top names were: Olivia (904), Emma (897), Ava (752), Emily (677), Isabella (598), Abigail (573), Sarah (518), Madison (435), Ella (465), Hannah (440).

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