Thursday, 9 December 2010

LAC adds "Medals, Honours and Awards" database

The following is an announcement from Library and Archives Canada:

Ottawa, December 9, 2010 — Library and Archives Canada is pleased to announce the launch of a new online database, "Medals, Honours and Awards".

Through this online database, researchers can access more than 113,000 references to medal registers, citation cards and records of various military awards. In addition to archival references, this research tool includes digitized images of some medal registers.

The database is available at:


DWP said...

"records of various military awards." Does not "military" include navy and air force? This database appears to contain only army data. If this is all that LAC has, can it make this clear, and also provide links to the rest of the military data about Medals, Honours and Awards.

DWP said...

Further to my comment of 10 December, 2010:
On the page linked to by this post, click 'Search Help'. (There are two of these, one in the text and another at the left of the text. Use either one.)
In the resulting page at the end of the first section on records see this:

"With a few rare exceptions, the Citation Cards relate only to the Canadian Army. For the Air Force and Navy, consult the links at the end of this page under Other Resources."

'Other Resources' is itself a link which leads to a list of links, two of which are for the Air Force, and the Navy.