Sunday, 19 December 2010

So long Bloglines, and Delicious?

For several years I've subscribed to blogs through RSS and the Bloglines reader. In the fall the termination of the Bloglines service was announced, and later amended with the news the service was being sold with effect in December.

The date has come and gone, I logged into Bloglines, got a notice that I needed to transfer my files to the new service, and that some of the feeds might not transfer. The transfer went haywire. None of my individual feeds showed up in the new interface and while some of them were identified as not transferred others just disappeared. There was no way to try the transfer again.

Fortunately when the closure was originally announced I'd duplicated the feeds at Google Reader. That was an easy transfer. I'd been using Google Reader as backup anyway.

Problems with the Bloglines transfer seem to be common, see

So long Bloglines, I've switched to Google Reader.

Will a similar problem occur with the Delicious bookmark service recently announced to be closed?  Fortunately I don't have any of my own creation to deal with but do use other's links. Make a backup before those too disappear.

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Debbie Kennett said...

There is a posting on the Delicious blog. The stories circulating are incorrect. Delicious will continue but Yahoo appear to be looking for a buyer: