Monday, 20 December 2010

Book Launch: British Home Children: Their Stories

Saturday evening saw more than 100 people joined in Room A at Library and Archives Canada to celebrate the release of the latest book from the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa.

British Home Children: Their Stories is a compilation of 30 articles, mostly by descendants of a home child, published on the occasion of the conclusion of the Year of the British Home Child.  BIFHSGO has been working to bring the home child story out of the shadows almost since its founding.  

The project was under the direction of Brian Glenn, Director Research and Projects, seen here at the back while one of the many authors present, Bryan Cook, leaves with his presentation copy. BIFHSGO President Glenn Wright noted the contributions of BIFHSGO members John Sayers who collected most of the stories, Chris MacPhail who assembled and edited them, Jean Kitchen who did the copy editing, and Carol-Anne Blore who developed the book's layout, in seeing the project to fruition..

 The book is published for BIFHSGO by Global Heritage Press. Rick and Sandra Roberts were thanked for extraordinary efforts to provide enough copies in time for the launch. Many copies were sold, including multiple copies to home child descendants as gifts.

At risk of sounding like the social column, representatives of Phil McColeman, MP, whose private members bill led to the proclamation of 2010 as the Year of the British Home Child, The British High Commisssion, and the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Archives were present. Prominent home child researchers Dave Lorente and Patricia Roberts-Pichette were also in attendance. The snack table attracted significant attention.

OGS Families editor Elizabeth Lapointe and spouse/photographer Mario Lapointe, found something of note in my direction.

The book may be purchased online from Global Genealogy at:

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Anonymous said...

Ontario MPP Jim Brownell(Stormont Dundas Glengarry)from Cornwall attended as well. He is apparently a home child descendant. He is hoping to pass a private members' bill in the Toronto Legislature to make a date in September Home Child Day. He met Glenn Wright, President of BIFHSGO. Heresay is that at our next meeting we may be signing a petition re: passing the bill.

Anne Sterling