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British Military and Naval Records (RG 8, "C" Series) 1757-1906 Index

Library and Archives Canada have placed online digitized microfilm reels, images of index cards, popularly known as the Military C Series, and described as indexes to:

Records of the British military forces in North America consisting of the official correspondence and papers of the Military Secretary of the Commander of the Forces, 1767-1870, the official records of the Canada and Nova Scotia Commands, 1785-1883 and 1762-1899 respectively, and miscellaneous military records, 1757-1896, these latter mostly from private sources. Cartographic material comprised of the following accessions: RG8M 80103/37 consists of consists of property listings and drawings of military holdings vested in the Secretary of State for War, in the cities of Montreal and Quebec, by the Royal Engineer Canada Command; RG8M 84503/34 consists of plans, indexes and statements of property vested in the Secretary of State for War in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island within the Royal Engineer Command, prepared by the Royal Engineers.
The search procedure is described in a help file as a four step process, step 1 of which is to identify the relevant microfilm from the following alphabetical list.

Microfilm From To
C-11791 Admiralty Lords Commissioners of Arms
C-11792 Arms Band, R.G.
C-11793 Band, Thomas Beadell, Benjamin
C-11794 Beadell, Benjamin Bishop, Wm.
C-11795 Bishop, W.C. Boudreau, Joseph
C-11796 Boudreau, Joseph Isaie Brige, John
C-11797 Brigend Place Huron Co., Ont. Buik, Thomas
C-11798 Building Materials at Kingston Calder, Robert
C-11799 Calder, Thomas Carr, late Pte.
C-11800 Carr, Late Mrs. (wife) John Carr Pte. Chenique, Joseph
C-11801 Chenique, Joseph Clayton, Samuel
C-11802 Clayton, Samuel Collins, Thomas, Pte.
C-11803 Collins, Thomas, Pte. Coteau du Lac, L.C.
C-11804 Coteau du Lac, L.C. Crebassa, John George
C-11805 Crebassa, J. Geo. Daly, J.C.W.
C-11806 Daly, Luke (D.S.) Deane, Joseph
C-11807 Deane, Joseph Detroit
C-11808 Detroit, Mich Downie, Wm.
C-11809 Downing, Adam Giff Dunn, Joseph
C-11810 Dunn, Joseph Elliott, John
C-11811 Elliott, John Fenton, John
C-11812 Fenton, Private Jn. Forbres, Jacob
C-11813 Forbres, James M.D. Foy, Lewis
C-11814 Foy, Lewis Freer, Noah
C-11815 Freer, Noah Gass, John
C-11816 Gass, John Gold, Joseph
C-11817 Gold, Joseph Gratuity
C-11818 Gratuity Gubbins, John
C-11819 Gubbins, Joseph Hanlon, Peter
C-11820 Hanlon, Peter Hay, Thomas
C-11821 Hay, Thomas Hill, Anthony
C-11822 Hill, Anthony Horse Guards
C-11823 Horse Guards Hunter, Lieut. Gen. P.
C-11824 Hunter, Peter, Lieut. Gen Jackson, John
C-11825 Jackson, John Jones, James
C-11826 Jones (Johns) John Kerr, Robert
C-11827 Kerr, Robert Lacroix, Joseph F.
C-11828 Lacroix, Joseph F. Leader, William
C-11829 Leader, Wm. List
C-11830 List Macaulay, George
C-11831 Macaulay, George Major of Brigade, U.C.
C-11832 Major of Brigade, U.C. Maybe, Peter
C-11833 Maybe, Peter The Military Commissary General
C-11834 The Military Commissary General Militia, U.C.
C-11835 Militia, U.C. Montreal
C-11836 Montreal Muroe
C-11837 Murphy McDonell, Alexander
C-11838 McDonell, The Hon. Alexander McKay, Stephen Samuel
C-11839 McKay, Stephen Samuel Navy, U.S.
C-11840 Navy, U.S. O'Bryan, John
C-11841 O'Bryan, John Order John
C-11842 Orders Parish, David
C-11843 Parit, Nicholas Pensioners, Chelsea
C-11844 Pensioners, Chelsea Pope, James Capt.
C-11845 Pope, James Capt. Prevost, Sir Geo.
C-11846 Prevost, Sir Geo. Quinn, Mic
C-11847 Quinn, Michael, Pte. Regiment, Royal Artillery
C-11848 Regiment, Royal Artillery Regiment, 16th
C-11849 Regiment, 16th Regiment, 41st
C-11850 Regiment, 41st Regiment, 70th
C-11851 Regiment, 70th Regiment, 100th
C-11852 Regiment, 100th Regiment, Royal Canadian Rifle
C-11853 Regiment, Royal Canadian Rifle Richmond, Duke of
C-11854 Richmond, Charles Duke of Rogers, Edward J.
C-11855 Rogers, The Rev. Edward J. Routh, R.I. Comg. Genl. Canada
C-11856 Roux, Abraham St-Jean, Paul
C-11857 St-Jean dit Coitoux (ou Poitoux) Sears, James
C-11858 Sears, James H. Sherbrooke, Lt. Gen.
C-11859 Sherbrooke, Sir John C. Signey, Lewis
C-11860 Signey, Lewis Smith, M., Pte.
C-11861 Smith, M., Sergt. Standard, Peabody
C-11862 Stander, Benjamin Streback, Jordon M.
C-11863 Strech, John Taylor, Brook
C-11864 Taylor, Brook Thompson, Mathew, Pte.
C-11865 Thompson, Michael Travis, Elisha
C-11866 Travis, Henry Vanhotts, George
C-11867 Vanhouft, Garret Walsh, John
C-11868 Walsh, John Wellesley, Lord Charles
C-11869 Wellesley, Lord Charles Williams, William
C-11870 Williams, William Woodly, George
C-11871 Woodly, George Zouch, Ann

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