Monday, 28 March 2011

TNA Podcast: Heralds and heraldry at The National Archives

Adrian Ailes, a Principal Records Specialist at The National Archives, Fellow of the Heraldry Society and an academician of the Academie internationale d'héraldique. The excellent talk, given at TNA on 25 November 2010, is described thus:

The National Archives holds possibly the greatest collection of untapped source material for heralds and heraldry in this country. This lecture examines evidence stretching back over eight and a half centuries: seals, illuminated manuscripts, medieval rolls, treaties, grants of arms, state occasions, architectural drawings, military badges and even wooden chests. The result is an astonishing and colourful display of what is often unknown heraldic material.
It's truly unfortunate the "colourful display" is not available to podcast listeners. In this case, where the material is from TNA's own collection, and there should be no copyright issue, it's most regrettable that the visuals were not linked.

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