Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ancestry App for iPad

The following is a press release from Ancestry.ca.

(Toronto, ON – March 8, 2011) - Ancestry.ca, Canada’s leading online family history website[i], today announced the availability of Ancestry - its new FREE app for iPads and iPhones[ii].

Built specifically to deliver a compelling tablet experience, the new Ancestry app brings to life on iPad’s large screen multi-generational family trees complete with images of original family records and photos, making iPad a powerful tool for users to display and share their trees with family and friends in an interactive, highly visual way.

A dynamic, intuitive user interface and integration with Ancestry.ca makes it simple for users to record memories, edit vital information, document life events and organize photos, and also for use in conducting field research, collection and documentation. 

A scaled down version of the app for the iPhone, which includes features for navigating a family tree and viewing records already attached to a tree, is also available for free download in the iTunes App Store.

Introducing Ancestry.ca to this compelling platform takes the website one step closer to its mission of helping everyone discover, preserve and share their family history.

Roger Dunbar, Managing Director for Ancestry.ca, comments: “The new Ancestry apps make exploring and sharing your family history research even easier. Those with the app on either the iPad or iPhone can record information to add to their family tree 'on the go', as well as share their family tree, old photos and records with friends and family wherever they are.”   

“We are committed to leveraging the latest technology to make what we offer on Ancestry is easily accessible and enjoyable to use for family history novices and experts alike, whether at their desks or in the field.”

The Ancestry app for iPad and iPhone is now available for free at the iTunes App Store.

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Anonymous said...

Anne S. says: Sounds like this will encourage many more people to discuss and explore their family history with others. Perhaps we will even see students at the school bus stop "studying", comparing, and sharing family trees on i-Phones!