Thursday, 24 March 2011

BIFHSGO: out with the old, in with the new

BIFHSGO has a new web look. Director (Communications) Susan Davis has been leading a project, and doing much of the work herself with considerable help from Brian Glenn, to put the new Society web persona in place. Susan gave members a preview at the last monthly meeting. It's now live at 

Susan is using the analogy of moving into a new house, much of the material from the old one is being moved, but everything may not have been placed where you'll feel quite at home yet. One advantage promised for the new site is easier updating and maintenance, meaning the site should not be vulnerable to the one and only person who knows how to maintain it getting "hit by a bus." The design is by Webworx Design Group using Webware.

One new item that is in place is information on the 17th Annual BIFHSGO Conference, September 16-18. It still lacks some bells and whistles which should be incorporated in the coming weeks.

The previous site served the Society well, including winning awards, thanks to the efforts of the previous webmaster Andy Coates. Prior to him the role was filled by Doug Hughes, David Walker and originally by Margaret Burwell. Each would agree they benefited from the efforts of those that came before and collaborators who provided content, just as Susan has.

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