Monday, 14 March 2011

Celebrating today

Celebrating five years of the Anglo-Celtic-Connections blog.

There are 2,865 posts in the blog archive.  Want to find out if a topic has been covered? However you get the blog, from the site, via RSS or email, the easiest way to find past materials is to do a Google site search.

1) Go to Google Advanced Search at
2) As appropriate enter your search term in the boxes beside "all these words", "this exact wording or phrase" and/or "one or more of these words"
3) Beside "Search within a site or domain" enter
4) Click Advanced Search at the bottom right.

Each time you read a blog item that's one step closer to the 350,000 total page views milestone the blog should reach by the end of the month.

Thank you for reading Anglo-Celtic-Connections


CMA said...

Congratulations John. I have been getting updates from Anglo-Celtic Connections via Google Reader for some time now. I always find your postings interesting.

Thomas MacEntee said...

Congratulations John - a well-deserved blogiversary celebration!

Chris Paton said...

Congratulations John, here's to 5 more years!

BDM said...

An auspicious occasion that should have produced cake and candles from your many followers!Congratulations, John, on a remarkable 2,865 posts!
See you soon,