Thursday, 21 April 2011

Survey results on people in your family tree

I posted a poll a few days ago about the characteristics of people in your family tree. Scroll down to see the results. The questions are almost a duplicate of a poll done a year ago by Media Profile for Their sample was just over 1,000 people; here only 63 responded, relatively small but much larger than the last time I tried a poll.

Here are my conclusions

1. The percent of people reporting royalty or links to royalty is little different from the previous result even when the question is made specific to those descended from royalty (10%). I was doubtful it was so large, and stand corrected.

2. The present results show a much higher percentage of people who have found a living relative with whom they weren't previously in contact.

3. With the exception of pirate and sports person, the present results show respondents having a greater knowledge of people with specific characteristics, such as war hero, bigamist, criminal, adulterer and politician, in their family tree than in the previous survey.

4. There are fewer people who answered "none of the above" than in the previous survey.

It seems likely that the people answering this survey have researched their family history more intensively than in the survey for

Thanks to those who responded to the survey.

Update 29 April 2011. The survey is now closed.

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