30 April 2011

Canadian Army Newsreels

The War Amps, in cooperation with the Library and Archives Canada  and veterans of the Canadian Army Film Unit, has  available a six DVD set containing more than 20 hours of footage from 106 newsreels filmed and produced by the CAFU during the Second World War.
The CAFU front-line cameramen were soldiers first. In addition to camera instruction, they received infantry training and took guns into battle along with their 35 mm movie cameras to record the Canadian infantry in action, notably during the invasion of Sicily and D-Day.
The newsreels, popular in home front movie theatres, also feature the daily routines of the soldiers behind the lines, life on the home front in Canada and historic footage of politicians and generals from the Allied and Axis countries.

This, and many other Canadian military related DVDs, are available from the War Amps at 

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