01 May 2011


One of the first things visitors to London learn is that it's packed with history. Walk down almost any street and you'll find a monument, or one of the famous blue plaques marking where something notable happened, often the residents of a renowned person.

Londonremembers.com aims to capture all the memorials in London, 8311 subjects (people, events, etc.) to date on 1966 memorials, at 1534 sites. It's better experienced than described, and contains an amazing variety of items. Why would Ottawa find its way onto the site?


Anonymous said...

Creating this site is a brilliant idea! It can make for endless hours of "Touring London" at home, but could help in planning and motivating an actual trip to London Thanks for posting it. Anne S.

Eric said...

The Ottawa connection is of course Colonel John By

LondonRemembers said...

Thanks for your kind comments. You've prompted us to see what other Canadian memorials we had, ready to publish, and we found 4, which are now on the site. Enjoy.