30 May 2011

Toronto Trust Cemeteries at FamilySearch

Images and a partial index to the records of four Toronto cemeteries are welcome additions online through FamilySearch.

York General Burying Grounds, better known as “Potter’s Field” operated from 1826 to 1855 and the images include a manuscript index. The burials are recorded in two volumes. 

Registers for Necropolis Cemetery carry dates from 1849 to 1969. They are in 10 volumes available in 26 sections. While there are indexes the organization isn't clear and in one case I looked at a scrawl at the bottom of an index page for surnames beginning with I said that index continued after U. That's not bad if you have the actual register but a trial when using the online version. Fortunately, at least up until 1877 Necropolis Cemetery is name searchable, thanks to the efforts of Jane MacNamara and her small team of project volunteers from the Toronto Branch of OGS

The seven volumes for Mount Pleasant Cemetery are available from 1876 to 1988 in ten sections. Be careful, the sections are not totally in chronological order. 

Registers for Prospect Cemetery are in seven volumes from 1890 to 1979, and 1985. 

There are 14,834 indexed burials and 7,234 images, each with several tens of entries, in total.

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