04 May 2011

More on the census logo

My last post was barely published when Sherri Pettit, coordinator of the CanadaGenWeb & OntarioGenWeb emailed me letting me know about the origin of the census logo that SGS is using on their website.

Sherri originally created the logo for the OntarioGenWeb's Census Project (http://ontariocensus.rootsweb.com) for the 2006 census and updated it earlier this year to reflect the 2011 census. The updated logo first appeared on the census project website in early March and was later added to CanadaGenWeb (http://canadagenweb.org) and the CanadaGenWeb update blog (http://canadagenweb.blogspot.com).

Thanks for your initiative Sherri.

I've added the logo to this blog for the duration of the census campaign as a reminder. Hopefully others in the Canadian genealogical community will also add the logo. I've also added links to the organizations that add the logo or otherwise publicize the need to make a positive decision.

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