09 May 2011

BC and Irish genealogy educational handouts

One benefit for us all of a cooperative program between the BC Genealogical Society and the Vancouver Public Library is a series of multi-page handouts available free on various aspects of family history.

The two most recent are Researching your British Columbia Ancestors by BCGS President M. Diane Rogers; and Genealogy in Ireland by Eunice Robinson.

There are earlier handouts, none more than a year old, on Legacy (Family Tree), Scottish Military, Australia and New Zealand Military Records,and Analyzing Historical Photos, as well as quite a few other shorter ones. Browse them all from http://www.bcgs.ca/bcgs_handouts.htm

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DWP said...

"Genealogy in Ireland" is good but the "Selected Bibliography" needs pruning and updating. Examples are Angus Baxter's 1982 book, and the absence of "Tracing your Irish Ancestors" by John Grenham, 2006 (3rd edition).