29 May 2011

Saskatchewan provincial records not quite yet available at FamilySearch

A new entry appeared on FamilySearch dated May 27 for Saskatchewan Provincial Records. It's described as "Various documents housed in the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan, including homesteads, voter lists, pioneer questionnaires, biographies, military and municipal records, teacher registries, township registers, and Henderson Directories. This collection is being published as images become available."

We are invited to "Browse through 70,184 images". There are 65 batches of Homestead Files listed, dated 1908 from 1634639 to 1679762. But, none of the images I tried to access were available.


Chris Paton said...

I have had a similar situation before with Belgian records on the site. The problem there was an agreement between the archive holder and FamilySearch, which specifically allowed only FS members to view the online material. No idea if that is the case here, but may be a possibility?


Jean said...

If so, then I believe one only has to register with FS to gain access--it's free. I ran across this also when I needed to look at a particular record.

Adult in training said...

Yes, you simply need to register and then log in to browse. It's free.