09 May 2011

Watson withdraws Whitton nomination

Celebrate. According to an Ottawa Citizen report Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has withdrawn his nomination of Charlotte Whitton as the person after whom the new City Archives and Library Distribution Centre will be named. http://goo.gl/G7QH0


Ellen Thorne Morris said...

I hope the detailed account on Whitton's background had some influence on the selection of another person who had a positive and real influence on protecting records and promoting libraries and archives.

Mary Anne said...

No selection yet, it's supposed to be going to public consultation (where suggestions will no doubt include people who have nothing to do with archives or libraries, much less Ottawa!)

As I suggested on an earlier posting, why not name it after BOTH the first archivist AND the first librarian?! That would make sense, and would honour people who have contributed to BOTH institutions in Ottawa -- not just politicians!

Anonymous said...

Why is a person's name necessary...it is a silly practice at the best of times...why not simply the Archives and Library of Ottawa.

DWP said...

For a different opinion see Dave Brown's column in today's (June 27th's) Ottawa Citizen
"COlumn of the day
Dave Brown: Silent majority must speak up"

I don't know which opinion is fair, probably neither, but I think it is worth considering the facts that Brown puts forth.