15 May 2011

The BBC Domesday

Find out more about an ancestral community, almost any community covered by BBC domestic services.

To celebrate the 900th anniversary of 1066 and the Norman conquest of Britain the BBC conducted a new Domesday survey, a project that saw over a million people capture pictures, maps, video, surveys, statistics, essays and personal testimonies to help compile a digital snapshot of the country.

It is now resurrected from the original, and defunct, BBC Laserdisc format and available online at

One thing you notice from a 2011 perspective is the lack of hyperlinks. You can search for any location, or indeed any term, but can`t surf on further. The resurrected version, however, does have a social network aspect encouraging visitors to add content.

It`s encouraging to see that data stored in obsolete computer formats can be recovered if considered of sufficient value.

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