Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Findmypast British in India collection

Findmypast has just published over 2.5 million records detailing the lives of the British in India from 1698 to 1947. The collection, released in partnership with the British Library, includes:

British India Office birth and baptism records 1698-1947
British India Office deaths and burials 1749-1947
Indian Office wills and probate records 1749-1957
India Office East India Company and Civil Service pensions 1749-1947
East India Company cadet papers
Applications for the civil service

The collection, name indexed with links to image originals, is available across the findmypast system including

I'll be searching the collection for my lost relatives, the ones who just disappear from the UK and other online records. They can turn up in unexpected places as one of mine did a few years ago in US military files.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if this is a rebadging of content already on the FIBIS website or whether it is new ?

Anonymous said...

Some of it has been indexed by Fibis - as they acknowledge on the site- but that seems to be a small part of the collection, and findmypast is offering the images as well as indexes.

Anonymous said...

FIBIS offer images for their database results, too.

If FIBIS volunteers have done the work, why isn't the whole collection available through FIBIS too ?