Monday, 27 January 2014

Lancashire BMD update

With all the action at the big commercial websites it's easy to overlook the non-commercial data sites. Lancashire BMD at has just added 3,793 Marriages for Blackpool RD from the 1960s to 2012:
Bispham, All Hallows (1984-2004)
Blackpool, Christ Church with All Saints (1966-1989)
Blackpool, St.Paul (1976-1992)
Blackpool, St.Stephen (1985-2009)
Blackpool, St.Thomas (1979-2003)
Blackpool, St.Paul, Marton (1983-2012)
Blackpool, Holy Trinity, South Shore (1983-1991)
Blackpool, St.Peter, South Shore (1985-1991)
Blackpool, St.Mary, South Shore (1983-1998)
Blackpool, Holy Cross, South Shore (1988-1999)
Blackpool, St.Nicholas, Marton Moss (1969-1996)
Blackpool, St.Christopher, Hawes Side (1991-2011)

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