21 January 2014

Churches of East Anglia

Often when you visit a community where your ancestors lived the only physical connection you'll find is the church they attended, where they were baptised, married and buried. If you're fortunate there may be a tombstone.

Those with connections to Essex, Norfolk or Suffolk can visit many of the counties' churches virtually via the Churches of East Anglia site, or more accurately sites.

Churches of Norfolk covers some 880 churches with photographs of significant features and a detailed description reminiscent of a modern day Mee's King's England.

Churches of Suffolk is the original site, gradually being revised, with 693 churches.

Churches of Essex is a Flickr collection with over 240 churches with between one and 76 photos from each.

These are the work of Simon Knott of Ipswich and collaborators. You may be interested in his genealogy pages, four hundred photographs of Ipswich Old Cemetery on Flickr and more.

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Barbara T. said...

What marvellous sites, John! Thank you for sharing them. Just a quick look shows me what a treasure trove this is. Such beautiful photographs and beauty from over the centuries. How wonderful that the photograher(s) sees this documentation as so important. I only wish we could do it for the whole country before so much of it disappears from neglect and lack of money. And we need to do it here, too! I wonder if I could get funding to do that? ;-)