Saturday, 11 January 2014

FindMyPast's Ratebooks

On Friday you may have received the monthly newsletter announcing the availability of three new British datasets, the headliner being "New British rate book records."

The text of that news item is:
"Discover your British ancestors in our 19 million new rate book records. 
These wonderful handwritten records are like early censuses – they go as far back as 1598 and hold details of your ancestors’ names, addresses and who owned each property."
Perhaps from California, or wherever is located, that's adequate. But wouldn't it be more helpful if they'd told you the geographic scope:

  • Plymouth & West Devon Rate Books, 1598-1933: 300,000 names
  • Manchester Rate Books, 1706-1900: nine million names
  • Westminster Rate Books, 1634-1900: over ten million names


Alison (Vancouver) said...

The emails they sent directly to subscribers etc did include the detail.

Anonymous said...

I am a subscriber and I did NOT get those details.