Monday, 13 January 2014

New York records on Ancestry

Even though its outside my normal area of interest, New York is such an international city its worth mentioning the BMD indexes just added by These provide the information needed to order a certificate.

New York, New York, Birth Index, 1878-1909: 772,703 records
New York, New York, Death Index, 1862-1948: 4,716,858 records
New York, New York, Marriage Indexes 1866-1937: 5,065,035 records

Two state censuses have also been added, and these do include images of the originals

New York, State Census, 1875: 3,122,735 records
New York, State Census, 1855: 2,740,414 records

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Patricia Dever said...

That's great news! Thanks for staying on top of what's happening in the genealogy community and letting us know!