Friday, 13 June 2014

British Red Cross Register of Overseas Volunteers 1914-1918

February saw the reprint of an interesting not so little book, 464 pages, British Red Cross Register of Overseas Volunteers 1914-1918: Including - Voluntary Aid Detachments, Order of St John, First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, ... Hospitals, Covering All Theaters of War.

Described as a reprint of the final, and largest, British Red Cross list giving information of over 18,000 women and men who undertook more routine jobs - cooks, laundry maids, wardmaids, dispensers, drivers etc. It provides individual detail (name, rank, unit, destination).

The new reprint sells for £43.18, and I didn't find any copies of previous printings in libraries outside the UK.

findmypast comes to the rescue with a similarly titled database, not cited but likely an earlier edition with over 17,000 entries. It provides Name, Title, Rank, Certificate number, Department, Destination - where stationed overseas, Passport Number; not much to go on unless the name is fairly distinct.

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