Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Future of the Canadian Archival Community

A report: Vision 2017: The Future of the Canadian Archival Community: The Canadian Archives Summit: Conclusions, Observations and Possible Next Steps (pdf) authored by Sean Berrigan, Marianne McLean and Jan Michaels, dated May 2014 has now been issued by the organizers of last January's Summit.
The report is part of an ongoing process; it contains the notice that it includes "recommendations and opinions that have been provided by the authors. The report is not approved by the Summit Organizers and should not be treated as such. It is meant to stimulate and encourage ongoing discussions."
This reflects the finding that: There was general consensus that while there is a need for a new vision and blueprint, there was not a clear understanding of what was needed, what its shape or composition should be and how to get there.
Clearly more work is needed, reflected in the presence of 64 question marks in the document compared to 122 sentence ending periods!

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