Monday, 16 June 2014

Claire Santry: must follow for Irish genealogy news

Claire Santry tweeted out:
MAJOR IRISH GENEALOGY NEWS: Valuation Office to digitise Griffith's Valuation Cancelled Books:
Instead of writing a post on this forthcoming resource, and don't get too excited, it will take some years for it to be available, I recommend those with Irish interest who want to keep up with the very latest follow Claire. She tweets (@Irish_Genealogy) or bookmark the blog's home page, and check in regularly to keep up to date with all that's happening in the world of Irish genealogy.


Claire Santry said...

John, you'll have me blushing! Thanks so much for the kind plug, and for directing folk straight to today's big news on my blog (so much more professional than just paraphrasing my post).

Although the Cancelled Books project many take four years, it seems likely the releases will be in batches. Could mean the first batch will be with us in a bit over a year. Fingers crossed, eh?

All the best


Dianne said...

Great News John and Claire. I just told all my readers to keep an eye on your blog Claire, as will I.