Thursday, 19 June 2014

Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers on Ancestry

Phillimore has been an essential reference for the British genealogist for years. You want to know when the surviving parish records start - go to Phillimore. Want to know which are the adjacent parishes - go to Phillimore. Want to know what's in the IGI - go to Phillimore.
The 1995 edition which cost £50 is kept handy at my desk.
Now Ancestry has made a version available as part of a subscription. You get the ability to search by country (England, Scotland or Wales), county, registration district and parish. The example is for Evenley, Northants and shows a map reference. Unfortunately the grids on the sides of the maps are missing. All maps have a grid range from A1 to M10, with the letters falling along the longest side.
For England and Wales I now tend to turn to FamilySearch England Jurisdiction 1851 which has more comprehensive information -- and will likely be available when Ancestry is not!

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